Craig D.(non-registered)
Oops I did it again...I think the iconic Britney Spears sums it up best when I'm looking at these photos Donald!
You've managed again to capture the viewer and deliver the preverbal knock-out punch with this collection. Leaving us dazed and grasping at the ropes only to be hit with another uppercut of beauty and wonderment.
Craig D.(non-registered)
Don, What a talent to capture the magnificence of each subject within the photo. Each one of these bold shots holds the viewer captive and when they (finally) look away, can't helped but be moved in some way.

Bravo my friend.
Beautiful Don
Craig D.(non-registered)
Hey Don, your photos convey raw natural emotion and beauty to the viewer! A+ on effort and the camera positioning to capture these gems.
WOW!!!! Beautiful photots Don!!!
Karen R(non-registered)
ok just love these...ordering one of each...PLEASE...seriously....thanks so much!!!
Wow. Love the brown daisies the best.
Love your photos Don! :)
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